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Structure of Service

  • Contact The Play Specialist Service  via website /email / telephone enquiry

  •  30 min free consultation via Skype / Zoom online / telephone. 

  • Discussion of setting where sessions to be held.  This can include your home, school, nursery, place of worship, hospital, therapy room within my setting, therapy room in London  or online.

  • Follow up email including confirmation of assessment session planned, time, venue, cost and text message sent the day before 

  • Assessment: 1 hour: Face to Face or online.  This is chargeable. 

  • Assessment feedback and number of sessions set.  I usually advise at least 6 sessions to begin with. 

  • Feedback can be given at the end of each session with consent from the children / young people.  I  like the children / young people to feedback to their parents / carers about the session they have undertaken, if the family have not been involved themselves. 

  • Reports can be written and these are chargeable.  


  • Part payment is required pre session.  Assessments are charged afterwards.  This is negotiable. 

​     For Training Purposes: 

  • Contact The Play Specialist Service via website / email / telephone

  • 30 minutes free consultation via Skype / Zoom / telephone 

  • Discussion of training required, venue, timings, cost and is followed by an email confirming what was discussed

  • Email sent out the week before for confirmation event is still being undertaken

  • Training delivered

  • Invoice sent out. 

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