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Welcome to The Play Specialist Service    

The Play Specialist Service (TPSS) provides emotional and practical support for families in uncertain times and difficult circumstances. Included is a range of play techniques for children (birth to 10) and young people (YP 11 to 16) which can aid with communication, behavioural, medical and sensory difficulties. The service provides a template for professionals  and family members to use. 

Consultancy and Training Services 
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Consultancy Services

The Play Specialist Service can come and analyse  the requirements which are needed  to improve your service giving full recommendations and either delivering or signposting you to those that can assist. 

Training Services 

The Play Specialist Serivce can deliver  training programmes with competencies  for those wanting to learn how to play, interact and communicate with children / young people and / or  refresh their current knowledge. Each training package is unique to your service and designed specifically for your requirement. 

Play Services 
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Emotional Support /Pre and Post Bereavement: 

The Play Specialist Service offers, dependent on the needs of the child, young person or family supportive listening and activities to help with the processing of their thoughts and feelings during this very difficult time. Emotional support covers children / young people who are fostered / adopted, are going through a bereavement, feeling scared, anxious, those struggling with change and uncertainty. 

Medical Play:

The Play Specialist Service provides medical play for children and young people to work through their fears, anxieties and difficulties in regards to  ongoing medical procedures that they may have to cope with and learn to live with.  This includes role play, distraction coping strategies and communication via a safe therapeutic way.   


Sensory / Therapeutic  / Developmental Play 

The Play Specialist Service incorporates arts and craft activities / sand / water/ messy play / cooking / music  which can support children and YP who maybe tactile defensive or averse to using their senses to their full potential.  This is carried out in an appropriate setting and at their own pace.  

The Play Specialist Service uses play to practice fine and gross motor skills and become competent in these areas. 

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